distance never seperates

“When chance awakens love, everything takes its place in a man in obedience to that love, and love brings him a sense of distance…”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“Flight to Arras”


This was the first sentence upon opening my book today. Might I add that it adds a greater understanding to what I feel, and to what others feel, when love is still so strongly present to those spatially and emotionally far away. Meters, miles, months or minutes, no, these metrics do not determine how truly far away from someone or some people a person has traveled. What registers understanding of how far someone has gone, or how far off the map they have come, is the proportionality to how much love has been invested, and still thrives, in a person or place.

And, it makes me think, if there is some love that I hold onto, that is truly undying and can never be retired. No matter how far I go, as long as I hold onto it, I am not far and I have traveled no distance at all.

“…It is true that when we travel we search for distance. But distance is not to be found. It melts away. And escape has never led anywhere.”

As I’ve known, that for those who run away to hide or flea from their shadows, their haunts, running away creates no separation to what follows someone. But what I haven’t known, until now, is how the same can be said for those who possess so much love and light. That when reaching for space, though still carrying the keys to someone’s love, there can never be separation, only distance, and that distance will cause a stronger pull the farther one ventures off.

“The moment a man finds that he must play the races, go to the Arctic, or make war in order to feel  himself alive, that man has to begun to spin the strands that bind him to other men and to the world.”

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