The Unforgiving Man

I was lying in bed, after the night the spirits came to visit again
Even after the sun finally came up I couldn’t find the motivation to get up.

Consciousness came to my side to talk with me seeing that I needed talking
He’s a stoic man, but I can always trust him to be my reason.
Our eyes locked for a while. His eyes turned south.
How are you? He broke the fast of silence. You seem down.
I suppose I am this morning, this week, really.
Over what? A town? People? Yourself?
I can’t quite say. Trying to figure that out.
Consciousness paused for a long while,
Took his pipe between his teeth, straightened up again before speaking,
You’ve steeped your tea for too long.
Time went by, slipped your mind, huh!
Oh, you’ve got your cup of tea,
He pointed with a great smile,
but it’s cold and bitter now, dark too. Thick like life’s broth.
Time went by and the air stole the water, made it stale
I noticed you haven’t touched it though. You think you’ll pour it out?
That’d be one way to resolve things, I guess.
Could. Best to drink it. You gotta drink something or y’go thirsty.
Yeah, maybe some sugar will cut the bite.
Don’t try to liken it, sweetening the truth,
sugar’s bad for the health and it hurts the body to lie to yourself.
It’s bitter tea or go thirsty.
Consequence isn’t suffering
Suffering is not forgiving, y’know?
So don’t be like that.
this tea?
A single sip will make you shudder so hard it’ll shake your bones,
best to drink it. You’ll hate every bit of it,
You’ll survive. That’s life. You’ll Survive

Who knows?
Maybe you’ll find water, maybe even wine, to flush it down someday,

Maybe, anyways.

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