Later Down the Road

Take the road

Down to the end of the drive

There’ll be an ivy-grown house

where I know things keep slow


Where a kitchen settles for eggs and toast,

And old news keeps the basement full,


Where the houseplants fill up the windowsills

To watch the seasons change, singing mute songs


With the ears like the ones my grandfather has,

and his smile that stretches when he yawns—


I don’t need to knock at the door

Just be mindful of the old dog lounging behind


The houseplants will stretch over to see who’s at the door

Smile and appreciate the word on anyone’s mind


Happy to take whatever care I can offer

Until I’m out the door again,


“I’m on my way,”

and the houseplants nod, knowing


Next week then.”










Seems like every week the houseplants need water

every week they need to know someone care.


But after a year of this care-giving, I’ve learned how

Precious the things aren’t all that rare, how


fast the creek runs in the spring, how

Slow crops grow in the summer, how

Shadows seem to creep faster later in the year,

Until so quickly comes winter.


I try to remember when those houseplants first bloomed overnight

How I know I will miss these moments later


So, on the one day it rains— when the houseplants die in their pot

I won’t be placing seeds in pots just to remember



I’ll be glad to know I was able to be there

Though I know we will miss them in our lives,


I’ll take the drive slow, later down the road,

Care rushing down from my eyes.




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