The Thing about a Butterfly


With great appreciation, I’d like to thank the folks at Lit-Rally for featuring one of my stories on their site. Read the story and check out other incredible stories at Lit-Rally HERE or type in:…/2018/5/9/the-thing-about-a-butterfly into your browser.

“I could tell he had been fighting to get out since the day he was born. I can tell that there wasn’t just a child in him. It was as if there was this aged individual, imprisoned in some karmic lesson, placed back in the body of a child and sent to recognize the lessons he or she failed to address in a past life. Whatever defiant being churned in Jaiden, his body was certainly a cage and its teaching was taken as nothing less than torture.”

I wrote this piece loosely based on my time substitute teaching and reflecting on the obstacles that hinder young men from vulnerability and expression. With that, enjoy.


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