Tips for Drying Goldenrod




Tips for Drying Goldenrod
By Karen Guenther-Attea

1. Wake up, Pray
2. Clip your flowers midday after the dew has dried off. On a windy day, I suppose it doesn’t matter.
3. The boughs don’t need to be too tight, oh but that is too tight. Well, maybe it will be okay.
4. It will be okay.
5. Just remember that if the boughs are too dense and too tight mold will grow.
6. But it will be okay.
7. Now, hang the boughs from something in a dry place. Perhaps on a coat hanger.
8. Put it somewhere where you’ll remember it:
Something about summer, now think of autumn.
9.Tell a story that gets you smiling.
10. It makes you remember–and if dried right, they’ll last forever.

In memory of Paul “Pop” Guenther

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