To Burn a Bridge


burn a bridge



It was 2016 and a terribly dark period at that. I found a way out from a time that was hurting, but in doing so I escaped rather than resolved matters.  I understand why in times of war cities destroy the very bridges.  It prevents the enemy from coming in, but in doing so, prevents its own citizens from getting out.  That is to say, I understand why it was done, though it is imaginable as to why that idea is not the best.

To burn a bridge, a person must use their own self as kindling.  Whether the burn is malicious or not, or intentional or not, such severance requires a part of our self, that point of connection, to be destroyed; and a blaze can assure an entire structure will be destroyed.  It is a tragic thing, but in desperate times, it is understandable why that choice is made.  (And who is to say it’s the best or worse idea?)

Remember how this thing, the human soul, is volatile. Remember how sensitive it is fire.  The spirit is the forest or community of souls; how quickly it is that these things can vanish when burned.

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