h e a d



, name’s ahdya (ah-dee-ah) elias (ee-lie-us),

In Search of Every Horizon’s Sun came about from the lamented cry that manifested in my fifteen-year-old spirit.  In those teenage torrid times, I used to daydream that whatever was in the horizon was better than where and how I was living. Oh, you could believe—like any pathetic teenager—that my journals were scratched with an angst and subtle plea for help, but marked softly in its lines was an ongoing idea that would persist: you do not have to go far in order to understand the distance of being.

If that makes any sense, let me tell you this: this is not a travel blog; this is, however, an open journal that analyzes the inner horizons of the mind’s inquiries; and, that nothing is permanent. My writings, like any journal, are  relevant and relatable to me in the moment. This is not to say I don’t write to share.  I do want to share.  I write not so that you may hear me, but so that you may hear yourself.  Let whatever may come up speak to you.


Thank you in advance for reading,

-ahdya elias

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