h e a d

bw_dsc1254greetings, name’s elias (ee-lie-us)

“In Search for Every Horizon’s Sun” came about from the lamented cry that manifested in my fifteen-year-old spirit.  Then, I used to dream that whatever was in the horizon was better than where I was.  Notably angst and subtly a plea for help.

Since those days, I have learned that writing and conversing have been outlets to channel an Inner Virgil.   Thus, my writings lend to be rich in reductive thought and lined with insights; which, is relevant and relateable to me in the moment; though, to the reader, my writings may end up being a murky mouthed creek in which to determine its value in crossing.  I would not blame you if you chose to decide not to step into the waters.  Their dark depths may not be of value to someone gently strolling through a forest.

Still I write, not so that you can hear me, but so that you can hear yourself.  Let whatever it is that comes up speak to you.



Thank you for reading


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