the mayflies and the apple blossoms

A certain sadness to slow us down, is that what it takes? Or a gem in the road, and for a moment, without question, We give thanks or not. Today the apple trees seem full in bloom as if suddenly—and wasn’t yesterday a different story? Of course, my heart swelled in joy for them and…


  I’m bad at this, I am, the whole asserting what I want, faulting to leave things intact though I know they are beginning to crumble. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll hear it. So I stay quiet, waiting. I’ve been told that earthquakes can be heard deep in the earth, it’s like a popping sound….

Braver Places (Memorial Day)

There are the times when someone makes a choice that lends to new places and responsibilities.  There is that persistent a sense of dread and excitement  that illicit itself all throughout the body, simultaneously.   Recently, I’ve been reserved to the idea of how change might work on my body, mind, and soul, but then…

Someday, Bearing Precious Fruit

Apple tree Who knew you such an inspiration?   When at some time growing up, you swore you’d never grow up straight   Now you bear the most precious of fruit.

Between Meds and Madness

Yesterday, I called my brother. I thought he was coming up this weekend so I just wanted to check up on him. Since I had him on the phone we got to talking and catching up.  It had been a while. Phone conversations with my brother start with, “how are you?” And with the same,…