I don’t know too many people who have willingly read the story of their last relationship.  Fortunately, I used to date a writer.  Her work is phenomenal and I expected nothing less when reading the draft of her first book.  I guess I gave it away already but, yup, the book is written…


Maybe all our dreams are about those fears, even the ones we smile over that laughter might first sprout from a nervous notion lest something else could flash out: that might it be possible for me to hold something tender that I will come to want so dearly?

Mowing Lawns

There are many mistakes made in this man’s life, Many of which, he believes, aren’t worth addressing There’s too much to do: the chores, he asserts, especially the lawn must always be kept clean. Over a summer’s time, I learned how to mow the lawn from a man hiding secrets, watched as he neatly made…

Quiet House (2016, revisited)

Depression to me is a quiet house.   It is held in a shadow box, behind a thick pane of crystal glass. Where if you can peer inside, you will see that there are always dishes in the sink, and a persistent steady drip from the bathroom faucet. The swing set out back rocks gently….

detox; strength and beauty.

Knoxville. There was a time over the summer when five photos emerged from my friend, Lauren; “Five photos that make me feel beautiful.” The images depicted various events in her life. The fifth one, the most memorable to me, was of Lauren cradling her new born in perhaps the most peaceful state I’ve ever seen…